15 Februari 2009

Story of My Child

Safa is nick name of my third daughter. She is nine years old.Yesterday, Friday, she said to me that she want to give a present to her best friend. I surprised. I asked her " Why will you give a present to your best friend?As a souvenir?You will still together with your friends in two and half years, will not you? My daughter Safa answered that she want to give a present to her best friend because we must give each other with our friends. Finally, I permitted Safa to buy some thing as gift to her best friend with her own money. She was agree because actually she want to buy gift by her own money. She was very happy.

The day Safa is happy to see me learn writing in English. Yesterday night, before she went to the musholla for sholat Isya with her daddy (my husband) and her younger sister Kamila, she gave her English book to me, for be learned.

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