17 Februari 2009

Mila, A Little Teacher with Playing Card

Last year, Kamila , my younger child entered to kindergarten. One day at the early months she went to school, I was so surprised when looked her back to home from playing with brought several playing cards. I asked her soon. "Mila, where did you get the playing cards? She answered that the playing cards be got from street in front of Laura's house. I said, " Mila, my dear, mother do not like you bring the playing cards, because mother always hope mother's children become sholehah women" . "Why, Mother? I get the cards from street, I want to play them", protesting of Mila. Finally, I permitted her to play card. "All right, Mila may play the cards, but after playing the card must be discharged". Kamila didn't answer and continued playing.

I sat on a chair in back veranda while looked at Mila played her cards. I worried with Mila playing cards, afraid that Mila would get negative effect. In my cultural, playing card had negative meaning. I thought that always must protect my children from negative effect.

I be faltered by Mila action. Mila acted as a teacher who was teaching her students.She showed a card and counted sum of picture in the card. After that Mila asked to her imagine students, " What number is this", while pointed the number was written at upper corner card. Quiet in a few minutes. And than, Mila said sweetly a number as same as sum of picture in the card and like the number was written at upper corner card. The actions was done repeatedly with took turns card. Subhanallah. Really, little Mila became a smart and sweet teacher.

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