18 Februari 2009

Mobile Phone ('Hand Phone') vs Text Book

One of two schools where I teach is school of poor students. School with lower payment in South Tambun, Bekasi. Although that, some students still are difficulty to pay school payment, what else to buy text book, although cheap text book. But the school building is good, schoolyard is wide with several trees, sport square and flower garden.

Several teachers in the school watched some students behavior closely. They often asked were excused to go to toilet when they were studying in the class. After were examined, really some students didn't go to toilet. They were replaying message or recalling call that had been received by mobile phone / cell phone which in Indonesia we mention it as 'hand phone'. Some times, there were several students sent messages or played mobile phones in the class at studying time. Certainly, the things disturbed their studying.

From the some messages in mobile phones of students that were knew by the teachers, really from their boy friends or girl friends. After examined that often the students had been called with mobile phone were their boy friends or girl friends, their friends who did not have relation with school activity.

Finally, the teachers decided to forbid the students bring mobile phone to school . If they are found out bringing it, mobile phone will be confiscated by homeroom teacher or vice principal. And their parents are invited to school to take it.

What and who is wrong? Their teachers? Their parents? The students can buy mobile phone and its reload voucher (pulse) but can not buy cheap text book, why?

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